UPU is a market leader in crop packaging products and pallet netting, providing innovative wrapping solutions to customers across the globe.

Our products are used to bale, wrap, bind and protect a wide range of crops and foods – making UPU
an important link in the global food chain.  UPU is the only indigenous manufacturer of net wrap and pallet wrap in the UK and Ireland.

UPU Industries


Based in Dromore, Northern Ireland, UPU manufactures a premium range of high performance bale netting and pallet wrap for agricultural and industrial applications.



ReflectorNet® is a premium stretch net for using around pallets which allows the contents to breathe.  This reduces or eliminates condensation and allows air to circulate, therefore protecting and preserving the contents of the pallet.

UPU Industries


Exported to more than 25 countries, our high quality products are flexibly engineered to meet individual customer and market requirements.

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