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Stretch Pallet Net Engineered to Last the Journey.

ReflectorNet® is a premium stretch net for using around pallets which allows the contents to breathe.  This reduces or eliminates condensation and allows air to circulate, therefore protecting and preserving the contents of the pallet.

With its outstanding shape retention and maximum stretch, this premium pallet net will hug every corner, contour and gap on your pallet load.  Thus ensuring the integrity of your shipment is preserved from start to finish.

ReflectorNet® has been engineered specifically to provide the perfect balance of strength, elasticity and hold (containment) to protect your valuable pallet load.

Engineered to last the journey

o   Resilient, breathable and powerful

o   With its outstanding shape retention and maximum stretch, ReflectorNet preserves the integrity of your valuable pallet load.  No matter how long or gruelling the journey.

o   Whether you are transporting agricultural or industrial goods, ReflectorNet has the adaptability to give you that added confidence that your pallet load will arrive intact.

Hugs every corner and contour

o   ReflectorNet has been developed to remember the original shape of the pallet load – and keep true to this shape for the extent of the journey

o   Envelops every corner and hugs your pallet load true to its original shape

o   Gives you an added dimension of security and hold: When the top of the pallet load is wrapped you get an added degree of pressurised shaping and stability

o   This premium product has a remarkable built-in-memory.  This means that layers can be removed from the pallet load and still it will contain the remaining layers exactly.

Power and adaptability

o   ReflectorNet’s powerful elasticity adds pressurised shaping to hold your pallet load firmly and securely.  This product is ideally suited to boxes, sacks, and of course mixed and irregular shaped pallet loads.

o   Can have both standard (25% stretch) and high extension (80% stretch)

Great value for money

o   This product stretches to suit your needs, at least 80% elongation gives you more meters for your money

o   Superior elasticity and built-in-memory means that you need very little overlap, therefore making your roll go further

o   The net is 100% recyclable – made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (lLDPE)

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