As an ISO-14001 accredited company UPU is committed to managing resources not just for the environment but for business reasons too. UPU shapes a progressive approach to defining investment in our people and equipment choices by greater involvement and creativity throughout the company with freedom of ideas percolating across all departments.

At UPU to look for a progressive approach when investing in our people and equipment. Through encouraging greater involvement and creativity throughout the company we have found that ideas are more free-flowing across all departments.

Here are some of our recent improvement programs:

  • Installation of 240 Solar Panels at our UK Headquarters saving 47 tonnes of CO2 and generating 79,000kWhr’s of electricity, all of which we have been able to use.
  • A 3 year policy to replace all Factory Compressors with “latest” technology.
  • A new ‘Free Chilling System’ has been installed saving over 60,000kWh of electricity.
  • New “Ultra-Modern” replacement main motor -drives to one of our Extrusion Systems reducing noise levels on the shop floor and energy consumption.
  • New state-of-the-art production machinery with lower energy absorption, noise levels and increased production capacity, showing our commitment to long term competiveness and sustainability.
  • Increased focus on reducing waste and increased recycling. We now recycle almost 95% of our waste from process waste, paper & cardboard, batteries, as well as glass, cans, plastics etc.
  • A whole new movement sensor lighting system for the production floor. One employee’s version comment of this high output low costs system is “The new lights take the night out of night-shift”.

General Health and Safety benefits improvements have been seen made across all areas of the business. These include these and others places in the business from equipment modifications, developing improved semi-automatic and manual handling through to reduced maintenance costs.

Our people have benefitted through improved employee relations and satisfaction from the integrated communication channels and increased employee involvement across all departments. Generating together those improvement ideas and drive for ongoing continuous improvement

We are all seeing the benefits of our recent changes. So we intend to continue to work together and keep generating new ideas for continuous improvement.

If it’s good for the environment, it’s good for UPU and better for our customers Worldwide!

Not only is it good for the environment to look for energy efficiencies, it is also good for business.  At UPU industries we are committed to doing our bit for the environment.  It has been an added bonus to see the business benefits too.  The steps we have taken have helped us to improve and retain our Environmental Accreditation – ISO 14001. In addition our employees are now more interested and involved in what we do.

Some of the changes and improvements that UPU Industries have made in the last year are:

  • Installation of 240 Solar Panels at our Northern Ireland Headquarters. These are proven to have a positive impact on climate change as well as saving us energy costs. To date we have generated over 79,000kWh of electricity from our solar panels, saving approximately 47,000kg of CO2.
  • We have also invested in a new energy efficient compressor   This has helped us to reduce energy usage
  • A new ‘water cooling system to chilling unit’ has been installed. This has had a positive impact on our energy costs as well as helping us reduce our emissions. So far, this change has helped us save over 60,000kWh of electricity.
  • Improving our efficiency and productivity by fitting a new main motor to one of our Extrusion Machines – again improving our energy efficiency and reducing noise levels on the shop floor.
  • In addition, we have installed new state-of-the-art production machinery. This has given us increased production capacity, along with allowing to us to be more competitive in the market place and helping secure longer term job sustainability.
  • We have also focused on reducing our waste and increasing our recycling. We now recycle about 95% of all of our waste. This includes process waste, paper & cardboard, batteries, as well as glass, cans, plastics etc.

Health and Safety

Machine modifications to reduce manual handling tasks and therefore reduce risk of injuries along with reduced maintenance costs

We have also invested in a new movement sensor lighting system for the shop floor. A great indication on the effectiveness of this, is a quote from one of our employees, “The new lights take the night out of night-shift”.

Improving employee relations and satisfaction

Improved communication channels and increased employee involvement across all departments.

Generation of improvement ideas and drive for ongoing continuous improvement

Overall, we have found that improving our energy efficiency has had a positive impact on our business bottom line, as well as helping to give us a competitive edge. In addition the steps we have taken are making a positive impact on the environment by reducing our CO2 emissions.


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