Super Stretch Pallet Netting with extra strength, elasticity & hold allowing it to enclose all the contours of the product being wrapped. The Pallet Netting with its powerful elasticity adds pressurised shaping therefore securing the contents of the pallet.

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Reflectornet Pallet Netting - product ventilation

Ideal for products that need ventilation

Reflectornet Pallet Netting - Superior Load retention

Superior load retention after stretching

Pallet Netting that Grips every corner & contour

Grips every corner & contour

Reflectornet Pallet Netting Ideal For Food Transportation

Excellent for agri food transportation

Reflectornet Pallet Netting - Manual & automatic machine use

Manual & automatic machine use

reflector net from UPU industries


ReflectorNet Use Width (cm) Length (m)
XTREME Manual/Automatic 50cm 500 to 6000m
XPRO Manual/Automatic 50/75cm 500 to 6000m
PLUS Manual/Automatic 50cm 500 to 1000m
CLASSIC Manual/Automatic 50/60/75cm 1000 to 4500m

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