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Colorbale® is a new unique and distinctively colored over-the-edge premium Netwrap from Farmer’s.

Using innovative production techniques Colorbale® is perfectly flat across the whole roll of netting.

Colorbale® combines over-the-edge coverage with innovative color-coded loading indicators eliminating added tapes or yarns so Colorbale® rotates and feeds cleanly without contact or snagging on baler surfaces – true free running every time!

Field testing demonstrates that Colorbale® guarantees a tighter bale with over the edge cover to ensure the most efficient storage and transportation of round bales.

Flat, straight, true and consistently reliable.


Over the edge Coverage

  • Innovative color-coded loading indicator for clear and easy loading
  • Our new Stretch Technology brings you reliable and consistent over-the-edge coverage
  • Unique colouring and design means it is easy to see which way to remove the netting when using your forage
  • There is an end-of-roll warning stripe

Consistently Reliable

  • Our straight and true product design gives free-rolling without surface contact or snagging
  • Consistent strength, length and over-the-edge coverage
  • Roll surface is complete flat – straight, true & uniform – with no yarn marker ‘ridges’
  • New innovative premium product for better durability and preservation of your crop

Designed for High Performance

  • Extensive research means this new premium product will meet your performance needs
  • A six stage quality control process to ensure true reliability and strength
  • The excellent quality you expect from FARMER’S® products
  • Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) accreditations demonstrate our professional standards
Brand Name Roll Length Roll Width Rolls/Pallet
Colorbale 51 10,500′ 51″ 16
Colorbale 67 7,700′ 67″ 16

With 150’ Red Warning Stripe